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At, we strive to be the leading independent provider of online casino reviews in Singapore, as well as other valuable information such as the latest related news, guides, and tips to make you a better online betting winner. Even if you are a new player, fret not, as we have you covered every step of the way on multiple aspects, from which online platform to start, the how-to, tips & strategies, and many more.

Your Winning Odds. Our Mission.

We Believe In Making You A More Informed Player

We hope that with our help, you can increase your odds at winning as a more experienced, knowledgeable, and confident online casino player. For any partner inquiry, reach out to [email protected] .

We prioritize you, the player

You are always at the center of all of our work and hence we only provide information that gives you the best benefits.

We value good information

Information that is gathered on Casinos Wiki Online goes through a rigorous selection process and only the best stay.

We are up-to-date

We work at the forefront of trends and consistently making sure that the information we get is the latest.

We keep it simple

While we try to provide the most comprehensive information, we try our best to keep things easy to be digested by the players.


The information provided on this website is for knowledge and entertainment purposes only and should be used as such. Any link stemmed from this website to other third-party websites is for informative purposes only and should be subject to the terms and conditions of the respective third-party websites. Users, ie ‘You’, are responsible for actions You make with the information, and these actions would be under the laws of the jurisdiction in your local area.

We Are Casinos Wiki Online

We are Casinos Wiki Online, a prominent online casino review website that primarily talks about online casino Singapore, online slots, and live casino. We deal with online casino Malaysia as well, as one of the concerns of a casinos wiki. Our mission is to highlight gambling-related information that can help you, all the gambling, casino, and online games fan out there – making you a more informed player. It suits our vision to be the leading independent provider of online casino reviews in Asia.

We actualize that vision and mission by committing four prime strategies. Those strategies will be further formulated into one single concept which prioritizes the players’ benefits and superiority. Remember, we are here to help you be a better player.

We Prioritize You, The Player

The Casinos Wiki Online top priority is you, the player. We serve the reviews and information along with the player-centris vibrancy. It means that our content and services are pros to players and user-friendly. Prior to that, all of our reviews and pieces of information mend to bring out and maximize your chances to win and flourish.

Our website consists, but is not limited to: a bonus offer, benefits, game choice, support, rating, and written reviews of online slots and live casino providers. We also put the currency converter to ease players from different countries with various currencies. In order to become a holistic reference source, Casinos Wiki Online address all type of casino and gambling-related providers, whether web-based or land-based, both online casino Singapore and online casino Malaysia.

We Value Good Information

Not all pieces of information can appear on Casinos Wiki Online website. We deliberately try to serve only the aces quality for our content: processing the collected information by checking their credibility, validity, and reliability to ensure all of them come from trusted sources.

It is important for us to present data that is not only fact-based and reliable but also relevant and helpful for players. These various data can later become a piece of separate information that players use to improve their gameplay. Since our vision is to be the foremost casino wiki all over Asia, it is important to keep our content superiority in its best shape.

We Are Up-to-Date

Providing fact-based information is a thing, but keeping it current and up-to-date is on a whole different level. It is essential for us to maintain the lateness aspect of the latest news. In that case, Casinos Wiki Online will always guarantee our best effort and always be the first to bring you the actual news.

But still, it does not mean that we will erase all the “outdated” information and replace it with the newer one. Our entire published content will stand as a single library unit. We will always keep the entry intact and let our library becomes bigger and bigger for future purposes of another player.

We Keep It Simple

Based on the policy of Casinos Online Wiki, we will ensure that all the information and content that we present is significant and evocative. Discussions with such quality have proven to be able to provide more valuable and effective insights in increasing players’ chances of winning. Therefore, most of our discussions will have a complexity of their own, requiring some comprehension.

But do not worry. We will serve it most modestly. Our team in Casinos Online Wiki will encase all the content so that people from any background can easily understand it. Some examples and cases will also be attached so that the comprehension is not just theoretical but also practical.

Your Winning Odds. Our Mission.

We Believe In Making You A More Informed Player

End of the discussion, such four points of strategies above show how we interpret the way of Casinos Online Wiki. In the effort to summarize all of them into one single concept, Casinos Online Wiki frames them into a single primary mission (which is already displayed above): Making You A More Informed Player.

So just believe that your victory is our victory too. Your success as a player is music on our ears – another success story for us to be told. Therefore, you can always rely on our services by continuing to watch the various content and information that we provide. And if you personally feel the difference, please share our existence with your other relatives in need.


We give a disclaimer that all content, data, information, and other things that we put on our website are intended for acknowledgment, entertainment, and fun purposes only. It cannot be used for other than that purpose. All links or back-links that we include on our website, whether referring to the Casino Online Wiki as the first party or other second and third parties, are for knowledge and information purposes only.

The intended use outside of that purpose must be based on the Terms of Condition owned by each company/first-second-third party. The user, which is referred to here by the pronoun ‘You’, will be held responsible for various things that are done and caused by You. The resulting consequences will vary according to the applicable law in the applicable jurisdiction.

Established in 2005, Casinos Wiki Online is a multinational company based in Singapore and Malaysia. We put our priority on gambling and casino-related reviews and information.

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Adrian Ken

Adrian is an experienced blackjack and poker enthusiast who has played card games since 2001. He founded Casinos Wiki Online in 2005 to give some insight and review casino websites for players with less and no gambling experience.

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