Common Myths about Online Poker That You Shouldn’t Believe

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Like every other game, poker is a game of skill and luck. It is an exciting mind game played with a deck of cards. Players place bets with each other based on the value of their poker hand. Chips which are discs made up of ceramic, aid in placing bets. Playing poker has a lot of different ways. However, the two most popular variants are the ‘Texas Hold’em’ and the ‘Omaha Poker.’

Although online poker has been on the rise in online casino Singapore, a particular section of people does not indulge in it. What’s stopping them is a mere set of beliefs that are not true. In this article, let’s focus on bursting those myths. Read on to keep yourself aware of the white lies. Maybe then, you could enjoy a game of online poker too!

Common Myths about Online Poker 

Myth 1: Online Poker Is Rigged/Fixed

The people who spread the rumors about poker being a scam or it is fixed are usually either those who have not played online poker or those who have played it lost some money, and accused the site of fraud rather than questioning their gaming skills. In a way, it is natural to have this belief. But consider the possibility of being defeated by a player better than you. That is a rather logical and wise explanation. Isn’t that the reason why anybody loses in any game?

Moreover, there hasn’t been any concrete evidence to support scams of online poker websites. 

Myth 2: One Can Never Win In Online Poker

Many people lose at gambling yet, continue to gamble. The only logical explanation for this is that there is a chance to win. The chance may be slim, but not nil. Poker is a game that depends on luck, but most of it depends on the player’s skill set, strategic thinking, and decision-making abilities. The players with the best skill set will win in the long run, which is true regardless of online or offline poker. 

Myth 3: Easy Colluding

Colluding in poker means two or more players allying to defeat their opponents. Colluding happens irrespective of the mode in which poker is being played. But factually speaking, colluding is more prominent in the offline poker game rather than online poker. The argument here is that poker sites have several bots to detect and prevent colluding. Such measures cannot be taken in live poker lobbies. 

Myth 4: Losing Is Inevitable After Cashing Out

Another baseless myth states that the cards dealt in online poker aren’t as random as they must be. If you are a poker regular, you must be familiar with the “cash out curse” which means you do not win once you make a withdrawal. Many people believe that online poker sites ensure that players go on an endless losing streak after withdrawal. However, that is not true. There is no logical explanation for this because why would any site do something to discourage people from participating and engaging in its forum? 

Myth 5: Several Bad Beats Are More At Online Poker

The phrase ‘bad beats’ means losing the game when in actuality, you have the highest probability of winning it. It is probable but happens only with those who play several hands an hour. One reason to partially blame is that online poker games are fast-paced. However, bad beats in online poker happen as much as in offline poker games. 

Myth 6: Online Poker Is All About How Well You Can Read!

The myth has it that the only way to have your way with poker is to scan/read your opponents and make informed decisions based on that. But how can one watch your face or your dirty apartment at online poker? Needs no more explanation right? But some people are capable of thinking that such a theory is possible even in online poker. If you can’t win at online poker, then it is simply to blame your poor skills and poor decision-making strategies. 

Myth 7: Online Poker Helps Bad Players Get Lucky

If you play online poker, you must know that the websites have no power in deciding which cards go to which player and when. Those who have an understanding of algorithms of various gambling websites know that bad players getting lucky is just a myth. Cards in online poker are dealt with sincerely. 

On the other hand, if you are a regular at online poker, you would have observed that players are more likely to commit mistakes at online poker than the offline game. The only way to farewell here is to use it to your advantage and win as many games as possible. 

Myth 8: Online Poker Is All About Luck! 

Sure gambling requires luck. But always remember, it is your skills that outshine your luck. It is always an 80-20 relationship where 20% is pure luck and the rest is determined by how well you play the game. As stated earlier, poker is all about having the skills of proper strategic analysis and logical reasoning. 


Your takeaway from this article must be to not believe everything you hear or read about online poker. Many people believe the above-stated myths and exaggerate them to an extent that they become false. You may have a long losing streak. But you must understand to blame yourself and not online poker websites. You may not question the integrity of the website if you go on a winning streak, isn’t it? You will hold yourself at a high stature and pat yourself for your excellent poker skills.

A combination of mathematics, logical reasoning, reverse psychology, and strategic analysis will help you ace your game of pokers. Initially, all that you needed were a deck of cards. But with the effective use of technology and the widespread use of the internet, poker found its place in the virtual world and created a much closer-knit community. Online poker has supported the growth and increased the number of poker players worldwide by a vast margin. 

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