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Online fish hunting games that let you bet (and win) real money have been gaining notoriety for the past several years. They might not be as popular yet as Poker or Blackjack, but they’re extremely fun, easy to learn, and quite unique games in online casino Singapore. We’ll be covering them in more detail today.

About Online Fishing Casino Games

Fish hunting games are unique in the sense that, unlike most other gambling games, they’re played on a screen (even in a casino). At first glance you might even mistake them for your typical mobile or tablet games. However, unlike video games, it’s possible to win real money using these online fishing games. All you need is a device that can download and run these games. They’re available for all the popular operating systems, including mobile devices and tablets.

If you’re new to fish hunting games, we’ll briefly cover how they work.

How do fishing games work?

The main objective of these fish games is to shoot and capture as many fishes as you can. These games work much like popular action games. To begin playing this game online you’ll first have to deposit money using your credit/debit card. Afterwards, when you get into the game, you’ll be given a few options on how much you’d like to bet. The higher your bet is, the more rewarding fishes will show up (more on this later).

Let’s say you choose a bet of 10 cents. That means each time you shoot at the fishes, your balance will be reduced by 10 cents. Each fish you kill/capture adds to your money. However, not all fishes are worth wasting your money on. For example, you might be able to capture a fish in 1 shot, but you’ll waste 10 cents and the fish will only be worth 5. More valuable fishes will take multiple shots to capture. For these fishes, you can also increase the power of your shot ranging from 2x to 10x. These shots capture fishes faster, and you’ll need powerful shots to capture the more valuable fishes before they disappear. But a 2x shot will cost 20 cents, and a 5x shot will cost 50 cents (if your bet is 10 cents).

Now, about the more rewarding fishes. At the game’s starting screen, you typically get 3 different options. Let’s say that your options are: 1-9, 10-90, and 100-900 and you select 1-9. That means each regular shot will cost you 1 cent and, if you increase the power to 9x, you can go as high as 90 cents per shot. On an option like 100-900, far more valuable fishes will show up because one regular shot will cost you a dollar. So, the higher your bet range is, the more you’ll be risking per shot but for a potentially much higher reward.

You can stop playing at any time you like, and any remaining balance gets saved. You can cash this balance out by transferring it to your account.

What’s the difference between offline fishing games and online fishing games?

The most notable difference is that, when you play these fishing games in a casino, you’ll play them on arcade machines. These arcade machines look and work the same way as the old arcade machines. They have a screen, they have a joystick for changing the direction of your gun, and they have a button for firing your gun.

On the other hand, your experience will differ slightly if you play these games online. On a desktop PC or a laptop, you’ll use your mouse/touchpad to aim your gun and click to fire it. On touch-based devices like mobiles and tablets, you’ll have virtual buttons on the screen.

Other than these changes, these games play virtually the same regardless of whether you’re playing them in the casino or from the comfort of your home. The graphics might look slightly different, and different casinos assign different values to fishes, but the mechanics of the game will remain the same.

How To Choose The Best Online Fishing Casino Games

Before you go searching for online fishing games, there are a few things you need to consider. Let’s cover those briefly.

First things first, you have to make sure that the casino has a practice fishing game where you can get a feel for the game’s mechanics without having to bet money. As mentioned earlier, different casinos put varying values on fishes. So, if sharks are worth 1 dollar at one online casino, it doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily be the same value everywhere else. Through a practice game, you’ll get more comfortable playing the fishing game and you’ll know which fishes are worth targeting.

Reputability is another important factor. If you search for a fishing game online, you’ll find plenty of online casinos offering it. Before you go around playing it though, make sure that the casino you’re trusting with your money is reputable. Google around and read reviews about the casino before you enter your credit/debit card information there.

And lastly, withdrawal policies. Gambling money is all well and good, but, at the end of the day, you want to be able to withdraw your winnings. Before betting money and starting to play the fishing game, make sure that you read the casino’s withdrawal policies.

Fishing games are quite unique in the sense that they combine skill and luck. If you’ve got the skills, you can win quite a bit of money. We hope you found this article helpful. Happy fish hunting!

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