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With the proliferation of online games, gambling, live casino, etc., the public needs more information and recommendations about which gambling service and product providers can be the best choice. However, what also becomes an obstacle is the difficulty of finding a “one-stop” platform that can provide such information and recommendations. Players and gamblers are still having a hard time finding a trusted online casino Singapore platform they can rely on as a reference, especially those in the Asia regional scene.

That’s why we are here to provide solutions to these dilemmas: yes, CasinosWikiOnline! We are one of the most prominent online casino review websites that focus on gambling and live casino Singapore. Not only that, but we also describe several live casino Malaysia providers. It is in line with our vision to be the leading independent provider of online casino reviews in Asia. To achieve such ideas, we formulate our “chivalry” mission as: highlighting gambling-related information that can help everyone be a more informed player.

We use the vision and mission to abstract our business strategy. It consists of four points: prioritizing our player, emphasizing HQ information, always up-to-date, and as simple as possible. Wrapped with this foundation, we provide services and reviews of various games that are commonly available on various online gambling providers, especially the live casino. Some of these games include: Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Poker.

To find out more, these various games will also be discussed further in this article. It doesn’t stop there, we will also discuss the actual elements that make our services more and more relevant every day. We will summarize these details in an article entitled: “Best Live Casino in Singapore”.

Advantages of Live Casino

Seeing the rapid development of this mode of entertainment, it is such a proper thing that many people question how it was possible to happen. In just a short time, the live casino can easily gain popularity among players and gamblers – both midst those who have many “flying hours” and those who are “born yesterday”. Of course, this has to do with various advantages that it can only present. Some of them will be further discussed below.

  • Live casino = contemporer. The first is the identity of the live casino itself, which is so synonymous with contemporary aspects. The current era, which is fully supported by mobile and gadget technology, is very friendly with its characteristics. It makes things even more concise and straightforward: removing the conventional belief that fun and entertainment can only be done from certain places.

  • Accessibility. Unlike conventional casino types, a live casino follows the schedule of players, not players who follow the schedule of the casino. It means that players no longer have to bother waiting until the casino opens their game service to be able to play, or wait until the required number of players is met for the game to start, etc. Thanks to its real-time capabilities, players can start playing whenever they like, anywhere, and anytime.

  • Still feels the same. The next aspect is that live casinos can still provide the same taste as conventional casinos. Do not easily believe when someone says that it is not as exciting as a more conventional form of casino. The fun doesn’t diminish at all – it still has the same degree of immersiveness. In fact, it increases the pleasure extracted from the games many-many times! Why choose harder when you can get something more fun and easier, right?

  • 24/7 Customer Support The last advantage that we describe in this discussion is our readiness to support all of our beloved members and customers. Because the live casino service not limited by the time, of course, they also have always to stand by to provide support regarding the available services and products. It also acts as a dedicational form possessed by a gambling provider to prioritize the comfort and enjoyment of their loyal customers.

Jumpstart Your Live Casino Journey With These Popular Live Casino Games

Like what has been told before, there will be some games that will be discussed within this article. Those games are usually known as the signature and are pretty popular amongst the customers. To understand better about them, some details will be discoursed.

  • Blackjack
  • Besides being classified as a live casino signature, this first game is also included within the card game category. Yes, eke if it’s not Blackjack. Having claims as to the world’s most-played live casino card game, many players are already so familiar with this one. This game uses all 52 cards in a deck, which both players and dealers play. With existing technological advances, this game can then be played in a digital ecosystem while maintaining its live casino atmosphere.

  • Baccarat
  • The next game is Baccarat. Also included in the card game family, this game is very easy to find in various world-class conventional casinos. If traced historically, this game developed rapidly for the first time in Europe, especially in France, in the 19th century. Along with the emergence of the contemporary gambling industry movement, this game also received special attention in the form of digital games. That is why this game can be one of the signatures of a live casino.

  • Poker
  • While Blackjack is the world’s most played live casino card game, Poker is the most well-known and propagated casino card game in the world. The game itself appears in much literature and is described as a game played by many characters, both those who are described as antagonistic and the protagonists. This game is top-rated due to its flexibility and dynamic characteristics: it does not require a complete number of card decks, thus, can be adapted to various circumstances – it can be played from high-stakes gambling tables to small bets on the side of the road. Nowadays, the game comes within its digitized form and is even played in many casual gaming ecosystems outside the gambling industry.

  • Roulette
  • The last game on this list is Roulette. Unlike the previous three, this game is not included in the classification of card games. This game is straightforward to recognize, seeing the unique gameplay and contrast compared to the others. Roulette gameplay puts forward a spinning wheel with various numbers in it. A ball will also be included in the game to determine the outcome. Just like Baccarat, this game also first developed in France. Since this game requires a live play, it is only natural that it can quickly become an affiliate on a live casino platform.

Top Live Casino Game Providers In Singapore

And this section will be the essence of the discussion of this article, i.e., the recommendations for the best live casino providers in Singapore. We decided to choose these various providers based on several indicators: the testimonials they get, the professionalism they showed, and their portfolio. So here are the three best live casino providers in Singapore based on the CasinoWikiOnline recommendation:

    1. Evolution Gaming

    So the one who occupies the first position on the list of recommendations for the CasinoWikiOnline version is, the one and only, evolution gaming! Founded in 2006 this provider entered the gambling industry through the European market. In just their first four years, Evolution Gaming proved their excellent performance by winning their first International recognition. Now, within their 16 years portfolio, they flourishly become unrivaled gambling providers which supply the needs of global markets. Even it can be seen from its website, that they give a lot of effort for their customer: the website looks so professionally designed and maintained. Some of their advantages are owning more than 700 live games, supporting more than 10 available languages, operating two overseas offices - Europe and North America, while also embracing new kinds of online gaming’s gameplay. So, what are you waiting for?

    And that’s the discussion about recommendations for the best live casino providers in Singapore, based on the CasinoWikiOnline. Don’t forget to always entrust the recommendations and information of gambling providers to us, CasinoWikiOnline. Because CasinoWikiOnline is the most prominent online casino review website in Asia. Cheers!

    2. Dream Gaming

    The next giant is Dream Gaming. This name is undoubtedly so massive that efforts to explain this one seem no longer so relevant. As one of the largest networking gambling providers in Asia, Dream Gaming gives the player supreme live casino experiences. Right now, they are focusing their market in Southeast Asia, especially Singapore and Malaysia. With their efforts to standardize the digitized and mobilized gambling platform, they develop a gambling environment which can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime. Their notable primacies: compelling system integration, supported by various available languages, designed for many different platforms, etc. Just play it there!

    3. Sexy Baccarat

    Being on the rear of this list, in third place is Sexy Baccarat. Actually, this one is more likely a service and product of one of the notorious gambling companies known as Gaming Soft. But it is worth mentioning. Sexy Baccarat allows their players to play many kinds of available games: Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, even Mahjong. Something that is so distinct is that, suited to its name, its game will be brought by a dealer who is a woman in a bikini! Yeah, you read it right, a Bikini. Certainly, male members and players will love their services and products. Some of their other excellences such as support the various digital platforms, designed with stunning appearance, and having a portfolio more than two decades. No need to doubt it, right?

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