Mobile Vs PC – Best Platform for Online Gaming

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When Casino Gaming stepped into the market, nobody ever thought about this question. Mobile phones for something as crucial as casino games were simply not in the league. People used their trusted PCs, laptops, or tablets for playing casino games. But now, it is indeed a matter of concern – which one to use. The huge revolution in the mobile gaming industry allows people to believe that you can play anything and everything with ease and perfection on your mobile phones. Online Casinos report that maximum users are logging in from their mobile phones these days.

Mobiles are more convenient and easy to use. But is it all good? How is mobile gaming different from classic online casino gaming on a PC or laptop? Read on to find out.

Evolution of Online Casino On Mobile 

During the past years, playing slots and online casino games on the computer was the most obvious practice. But with the entry of smartphones and mobile gaming, online casinos also launched their mobile phone versions of online casino games. Over the years online mobile phone casino gaming has become so popular, that the developers need to launch a mobile version of almost every online casino game. 

Multiple problems were initially faced with mobile phone casino gaming. In mobile phones, a limited number of slots were available, unlike the PCs that offered so many slots. Various other browser functions were also inaccessible from the mobile that ran easily in on the computer.

But after a decade we stand at a point where online casino gaming through mobile phones has become extremely popular. These have become fully functional members of the huge realm of the online gaming world. Many functions have been improvised and every online casino game developer launches a mobile phone version of the game to enhance the versatility and accessibility of the game.

Why Choose Online Casinos On Mobile?

You can play your favorite online casino games on mobile phones without any frame drop, lack of slots, compromised graphics, suspended browser action. All the features that were available on the PC are now available in the mobile phone versions as well. In one single device, you can play all your favorites.

With a high-speed data connection, you can download the mammoth games and you won’t feel a spot of difference in the download experience between PCs and Mobile phones. However, one must note that you need 5G, 4G, or a trusted LTE network on your mobile phone to experience the same level of ease as you experience in the computers. If the network on your mobile phone is slower, you may have a hard time downloading and playing the games

Online Casino: Mobile Vs PC

The most striking and visible difference between the online casino gaming interface between mobile phones and PC was the slots. However, nowadays identical slots are present identically in both devices. Another great feature for most online casino games these days is, there is no need to even download the app on your phone. They are all available online. With any internet browser, you can start playing the game. All you have to check is whether that particular online casino gaming website offers the game appropriate for mobile interfaces. 

Mobile Phones rather than smartphones have become an integral part of everyone’s life these days. Not everyone has a PC or laptop but everyone has a smartphone. This is of course because PCs or laptops are much more expensive than smartphones. Hence, to increase their user base, online casino game developers have introduced many new features like additional bonuses in the mobile version of the games. Usually, there are plenty of bonuses already available in every online casino game. If you are playing it on your mobile phone, you can have access to all the bonuses through desktop mode. If you want to earn many more bonuses, then look for those games, which offer special bonuses to those players who download their gaming app on smartphones.

All the tricks that you apply for online betting and winning games while playing on PC remain the same on the mobile phone as well. In both places, it is the same software used. So, there is no difference in the way the game is played. 

Disadvantages of Online Casino on Mobile

However, mobile phones are not all good. There are multiple negative points about playing online casino games through mobile phones. The two most important drawbacks in mobile phones are:-

  • Battery life 
  • Screen dimensions. 

Playing online casino games on mobile phones can drain away all the battery and that often restricts the player to extend playing hours and indulge in long-time betting. This is a significant turn-off for the game and the gamer. The battery loss is at a very high speed when playing online casino games on mobile phones. This problem is not much-faced when playing on PC, Laptop, or Tablet. You will have to sit down with a power bank if you want to indulge in playing online casino games for a longer duration on your mobile phones. 


If you survey online casino gamers who have switched from PC Gaming to mobile gaming, 8 out of 10 gamers will report that they do not feel like playing on mobiles because of the screen size. While on the PC or laptop, the large screen size not only makes the game more fun to play but makes it easier. You can see all the details of the games at once on the screen. The graphics remain more or less the same. But definitely, there will be a difference in the visual appeal of both the devices. 

So, overall, PC and Mobile have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. If budget and space are a restraint for you, you can choose mobile gaming. On the other hand, for a better feel, a PC is always better. But, in the end, it is your choice that matters. 

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