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Online Sic Bo

Online Sic Bo

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Sic Bo is one of the oldest casino games. The original game was founded during the Qing dynasty in China and has evolved to become one of the most popular games in online casino Singapore today. 

Over the years, the game has acquired several games as it grew, including names such as Big and Small, Tai Sai, Dai Siu, and the Precious Dice. If you’re looking for a reliable platform to play online Sic Bo in Singapore, you’ll find detailed reviews and ratings of the best sites on our website.

Playing Sic Bo is also easier than most online games. All you need to do is to place a bet on the outcome of three dice tossed at the same time. Technically, there are no complicated strategies required in the game except your personal intuition and luck.

As an entertaining and potentially profitable online game, Sic Bo bets offer many perspectives in winning. Your three dice will form a combination that determines either win or lose.

The best bets for online Sic Bo are Big/Small and Even/Odd where the house edge is as low as 2.78 % and your chances of winning are at 50%. In Triple Bet, you can bet on three 4s or three 2s but the probability of winning is comparatively lower because the house edge is as high as 40%.

Some of the key features of Sic Bo include:

  • Big: Excluding Triples, the total score falls between 11-17.
  • Small: The total score falls between 4-10 except for triples.
  • Double: You can bet on any pair. For example, two 5s or 2 6s. You win only if two of the numbers selected appear at the outcome.
  • Triple: You can only win if all three dice match your chosen number, for instance, three 3s. This usually pays accordingly from a range of 150:1 to 190:1. At Triple Bet, the house edge stands between 11.57 to 30.09%

Many players in Singapore love playing Sic Bo online because of the game’s simplicity. It allows you to bet on a specific number from 1 to 6.

If the chosen number appears once, the bet pays 1:1. If the chosen number appears twice the bet pays 2:1 and 3:1 if it appears in a triple combination. Online Sic Bo also gives you a clear chance to win by placing your bet exclusively on totals.

The game of totals in online Sic Bo offers a prolific winning chance by allowing you to predict where the total will fall, for example, a Total of 5 and 16 or a Total of 7 to 14.

Each category has a unique payout. As you learn the game, you will also learn that the ancient game offers a bewildering array of fun-filled options.

Differences Between Online and Offline Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game of chance whether you play traditionally in physical casinos or online. Your performance in the game is based on sensible playing and purely following the sixth sense.

However, online Sic Bo provides a more exciting and colorful experience. It employs more bold colors like yellows and reds with a black and white rectangular betting area.

Players make their bet by putting their chips on the numbers of choice on the Sic Bo table. The dealer picks up a small chest, shakes it, and then opens it to reveal the outcome.

Playing Sic Bo online brings a greater level of variety and accuracy in placing bets. Through the years, fans of the game have discovered numerous possibilities of winning through the betting.

For example, online Sic Bo offers and effectively monitors the formidable Two Dice Combination Bet. The bet is placed on the next roll containing two specific dice – for example, you can bet for 1 and 3, 2 and 4, 3 and 1, and more.

This category has 15 possible outcomes but the bet can only win if the two selected numbers are rolled. Beware there are two varieties namely Free and Real Money. The former offers you long hours of practice without the risk of losing money.

The bottom line is that playing land-based Sic Bo always impels a higher house edge in comparison to the online game. 

If you choose to lay Sic Bo online, beware that the house dictates its terms and has an upper hand in the outcome. To improve your chances of winning, playing Sic Bo virtually will provide you with better odds.

How to Choose Best Online Sic Bo

You must choose the best online Sic Bo casino for fair play and a positive gaming experience. The rapid techno-scientific revolution has also initiated several new problems, most notably, the fast dispersion of unsolicited information.

Your foremost decision, therefore, should be to choose an online Sic Bo platform that assures you of privacy, confidentiality, and anonymity.

Choose an online Sic Bo Casino that’s licensed by reputable gaming authorities. The sites must also use state-of-the-art SSL encryption which protects your personal information.

The following guidelines will help you make a sound decision when looking for the best site to play online Sic Bo:

  1. When you want to play online, choose the site that offers a wide variety of payment and banking options. They should also provide fast payouts.
  2. Choose only sites that provide strong customer care support. Technical problems and other unforeseen hitches must be swiftly resolved either through phone, email, or live chats.
  3. You can turn your gaming experience into a potentially profitable activity. Check out for sites that offer special offers, promotions, and bonuses regularly. These sites will help you maximize your potential wins.
  4. Choose casinos that optimize their Sic Bo game for desktop, mobile, or tablet. This prevents interruption during play due to incompatibility issues.


If you’re one of the thousands of Sic Bo players searching for the best casino to play the game, you have come to the right place. Our site provides you with the best recommendations and ratings for the online gambling game.

We have objectively reviewed and rated the best casinos to ensure that you have the best online Sic Bo experience.

Playing Sic Bo online at the best online casino is a thrilling experience with the potential to earn good winnings when lady luck smiles your way.

Just make sure to choose the right place to play Sic Bo and you’ll have a great time with this ancient Chinese game.

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